In a world of their own, children:

Craft & Create

Tend & Harvest

Explore & Discover

Gather & Build

Share & Connect

Listen & Rest

Watch & Wonder

To understand who they are in the world around...


The Program

Big Sur Park School offers a year-round early childhood program for young children, honoring the natural rhythms with five seasonal sessions. The experience is designed to support the development of the whole child through a play-based curriculum, inspired by nature and met with connection and curiosity. Immersed in exploration of the natural world and each other, and inspired by the interests and opportunities arising each day, children develop responsibility and resourcefulness in their environment, compassion and connection to all living things, and a sense of their emotional and physical being in relation to the world.


The Land

Nature is the classroom. Stretched along 1-acre of edible gardens, blossoming orchards, bumpy hills, and cozy nooks, Gazebo park instills a sense of wonder. It is as a natural habitat for children to explore, engage and embark on discovery with 4 inviting structures to offer various activities—A theater, a greenhouse, an art gazebo, and a reading room, amongst various interactive zones—sandbox, compost, block patio, and a musical inlet, all to stimulate an adventure through the body and mind.



The Child

We hold a holistic view of the child, honoring the individual's learning and growth in relationship to self, to others, and to the environment. Each child is seen as capable and supported to build confidence, competence and connection as they understand and participate in the world around, in their own way.


The Teachers

Teachers are passionate participants in the learning environment. With awareness and intention, teachers attune to the child’s individual process and act as facilitators to support the child’s development of independence while ensuring health and safety. Through inquiry and modeling, a teacher will guide a child into deeper understanding of their experience and offer tools to consciously and compassionately navigate conflict resolution. Teachers are stewards of the land and invite children to participate in the upkeep of the gardens and structures, to create a space for learning, together.


The Experience

Big Sur Park School is a place of inspiration for children to grow freely and express fully. For children and teachers to become more self-aware of who they are, what they want, and what is available in the present moment. To follow their curiosity and engage in their interests. To connect with their emotional state and their physical body, and be in relation to their environment. To understand desires, make choices and take responsibility for those choices. To explore the world, themselves in the world, and connect with all who share it. To feel what it means to be free, respected, competent, and passionate; to feel alive. Together, with the child’s curiosity, the teachers guidance, and the environments demands, a learning community is built on trust, respect and resourcefulness.