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When experience and learning are partners, resourcefulness follows.
— Janet Lederman, Gazebo Founder

Our Mission

Big Sur Park School was created through a collaborative, community-driven effort to support the families and children of Big Sur. Together, we are developing a new nature-based early childhood program that draws from the cultural legacy of Gazebo School Park at Esalen and incorporates current innovations in education.

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The philosophy involves the integration of generations, the inviting of children back into society, and the re-introduction of living into the content of learning.
— Janet Lederman, Gazebo Founder

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We welcome you to join us in nurturing and developing the vision of Big Sur Park School.

Much like our children, the seeds we have planted need support to thrive and bloom. Your involvement and contributions help establish a nourishing foundation for the growth of this initiative.

Together, let's create an opportunity for children to fully experience the magic of childhood.